Driving financial investment management


When companies first form, they need a lot of powerhouses in management to drive the right investments and help form the right attitudes about the company’s future. Looking back on some of the top companies, Hexagon, Inc. comes to mind. This was the brainchild of Scott Reiman, a young student who graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and Finance. He later became the president of Hexagon, Inc, a private investment firm that worked with securities in real estate, venture capital, private equity, gas and oil.

As the founder and President of Hexagon, he has overseen all investments since 1992, but there’s a little bit more to this man than business. In his hometown of Denver, Reiman is known as one of the biggest contributors to the art and education community. He serves on a variety of different civic boards and is also the Member of the Mayor’s Financial Management for Denver. He also joined the Big Brother program and is the managing director of the charity organization known as Reiman Foundation. With daily work in charities and business, he has become known as one of the caring businessman and founders of thriving art societies in Denver.

Reiman graduated from University of Denver. It was this education that granted him access to the business world. With that in mind, he has given back immensely to the University of Denver and several scholarship foundations around the city including ACE Scholarships, Graland Country Day School, Denver Scholarship Foundation and Alliance for Choice in Education. He is also the Director of the Denver Art Museum and served as the Director of the University of Denver since 1999.

All of these things have made him a critical asset to the education community in Denver. Hexagon Investments continues to thrive and yet still operates from a family office in Denver. Under Reiman’s leadership, the company has seen incredible throughout over the last two decades and continues to thrive in direct investments. With Reiman in the leadership role, it’s hard to imagine that the company will ever go through any bad times. He has been the driving force behind most of its investments and continues to make solid decisions for the company’s future.

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