The Trading World Championships is about to begin


The Trading World Championships is an exciting new competition put on by the Prop Trading Group and Sterling Trader. In order to enter the contest a prospective trader will provide a $2000 buy-in for the contest. With that buy-in they are given access to a $50,000 trading account for a 5 day competition. The top trader in the competition will be given a grand prize of $50,000. The top 3 traders will be given free entry into the next Trading World Championship competition. All traders in the competition are given the ability to keep 95% of all profits made during that week.

The Prop Trading Group has over 20 years of global securities trading experience online, and are a leader in automated trading. This competition will run on the Sterling Trader pro platform, which is one of the leading platforms in the financial industry. The Trading World Championships begins on September 8th 2014 but the last day to register is August 18th, 2014. Think you have what it takes to trade with the best and win? Register for the Trading World Championships today.

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