Add Spice To Your Jalapeno Burger

A hamburger can be a delicious meal by itself. If you want to add a little kick to your meal, then consider making a jalapeno burger. With the numerous ingredients that you can add, there are several types of burgers that you can make using the small green pepper.

For a spicy burger, add slices of jalapeno and onion along with pepper jack cheese and garlic. You want to have a refreshing salad on the side to cut back on some of the spice that’s in the burger. It also pairs well with different kinds of melons, making this a burger for your summer cookouts. Cheddar goes well with jalapeno peppers, so why not combine the two on a burger?

Start with mayonnaise and lettuce before you put your burger on the bottom bun. Next, add jalapeno and cheddar. You can cut the cheddar into small chunks to blend into the hamburger along with small pieces of jalapeno.

Steak seasoning goes well with this combination. Bacon is another ingredient that pairs well with jalapeno when you make burgers. You can put slices of bacon on your sandwich or chopped bacon in the hamburger before it’s cooked.

When you’re making a burger with jalapeno, grilling it is an option to consider so that it locks in the flavors of all the ingredients. If you want to make your burger a little healthier, then make it with ground turkey instead of ground beef.

Swiss or mozzarella cheese could be used with the jalapeno if you’re using turkey.

A stuffed burger is an option that gives you all of the delicious flavors of the jalapeno, cheese, and other ingredients in one bite by wrapping them in the meat before the burger is cooked.

When you prepare your burger, toast the bun to give a light crunch that goes with the crunch of the peppers.

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